For more than a year, Popcorn Time was the darling of apps to millions of users worldwide. It brought millions of users a Netflix-style way of streaming and viewing torrent, earning the title “Netflix for pirates”. June 2015 saw the launch of its naughty cousin, PornTime. The desktop and android app is the new Popcorn Time for porn. In fact, PornTime is based on Popcorn time’s source code, but with adult content instead of the latest box office hits.

What Happened After Launch?

porn-time-startupBarely a week after PornTime was launched, it clocked 450,000 downloads from users all over the world. Such a response from users is staggering and puts it in the major leagues of entertainment apps. By June 17, the software had 598,580 active users. If you think this is impressive, how about the fact that the PornTime did not spend a cent in advertising and had no app store to publish it? It won’t be long before usage and downloads cross the one million mark.

The team behind the brilliant software admitted they weren’t expecting such an overwhelming response from their global audience. In fact, PornTime servers crashed twice due to the heavy traffic, after the software was launched. Even Pornleech, the world’s largest and leading adult content BitTorrent tracker, crashed. This was probably expected because the software’s developers often remark that their users have always desired and requested to have a porn version of the app.

The software, which was made available Windows, Mac and Linux users, seems to be enjoying modest usage in all three quarters. Approximately 58.6 percent of all installs were made by Windows users, 32.71 percent by Mac users, and the rest 8.69 percent went to Linux. The overall number of downloads is expected to continue rising and may, in future, rival the popularity that its decent cousin, Popcorn Time, enjoys.

PornTime for Android…And iOS

Download PornTime

On June 19, PornTime Android edition made a debut. This will appeal to millions of mobile users because according to the development team, PornTime is the “best thing that has happened to humanity since bread came sliced”. The Android version is a replica of the original Popcorn Time, with a few cosmetic changes. Thus, mobile users should be able to enjoy the same viewing and entertainment experience.

If you’re an iOS user and there’s that feeling of being left out, it won’t last long. PornTime development team hopes to have the iOS version ready in about three weeks. Over the coming months, PornTime will add more sources to its repository to supplement Pornleech. Of course, the app comes as an unwelcome threat to MindGeek’s arsenal of “tube” sites, but this revolutionary piece of software will be a darling to the millions of adult content lovers. It also inches a step further towards making the access, downloading and watching of torrents easier for all users.

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