Don’t we all enjoy downloading the latest pirated Hollywood films even before they hit the mainstream theatres? It turns out that if you also fancy a bit of adult content, there’s a new app for you. Just like its predecessor the Popcorn Time app, PornTime lets you watch, download or stream pirated high-quality explicit content of your liking. The application, which available for Mac, Windows, Linux, Android OS users, works by managing the usual torrent-client-and-media-player-configuration in one dashboard. The user can then enjoy the latest HD quality porn conveniently without having to navigate multiple websites in search for good content.

The developers of PornTime have also announced that the app will also be available for iOS platforms in the coming weeks. With just the click of a button, porn consumers using Apple devices will also be able to watch and download adult movies without any restriction whatsoever. Even better, PornTime also has a feature that allows the videos to be cast on bigger screens using Chromecast or Airplay, complete with the accompanying subtitles.

According to first-time users who have already tried using PornTime, the application presents a Netflix-like platform, only that the content this time round is exclusively porn. And as you may have predicted, PornTime is already receiving raving reviews from both critics and ordinary consumers. Most critics have pointed out that PornTime might be a blow to the adult film industry as it makes accessing pirated locked HD porn very easy. Usually, porn consumers are required to sign up for paid subscriptions in order to be allowed to stream or download HQ blue movies. However, PornTime is completely free, with only a simple two-step download required for one to gain unlimited access to similar quality content.

On the other hand, avid porn consumers have applauded the developers of PornTime for dedicating a concerted effort in making such entertaining media freely and easily available.

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